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  • What is Science Slam?
    Science Slam is a one-day, free, weekend event that engages our families in activities to show that science is approachable, accessible, and fun! Activities are organized, designed, and run by parents, teachers, or volunteers from outside institutions.
  • When is Science Slam 2023?
    Saturday, April 29th From 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. At Westwood Charter Elementary School
  • Do I have to stay the whole time?
    No, you're welcome to come for any amount of time - whatever works best for your family.
  • What is there to do at Science Slam?
    Throughout the event there will be fun science demonstrations, exhibits & labs to interact with and explore. We will also be raffling off prizes at the event!
  • Who can attend Science Slam?
    Slam is open to the community, including students, family & friends. Come out to support STEM education! It’s free!
  • Is Science Slam for all ages?
    Yes! The labs will have specific age ranges, so please pay attention when you're signing up. l Exhibits on the yards are for all ages. There is also an area called kinder corner where the experiments will be geared slightly more towards younger ages.
  • Can my TK/Kinder visit the areas outside of the Kinder Corner and can my older kid visit the Kinder Corner?
    Absolutely yes!
  • Can I drop off my kids?
    No, all kids need to have some sort of adult supervision. If you can’t make it, maybe coordinate with another family.
  • Do I need to sign up for activities?
    Only some. There will be 11 labs that offer a more in-depth, hands-on science experience for the kids. These will be grade-specific, and a sign-up will be sent out a couple of weeks before Slam.These are for WWC students only; however, other kids are welcome to join via standby lines if there is space.
  • If I don't sign up for a lab, will there be anything else to do?
    Yes! There will be 26 exhibits setup on the yard that do not require reservations. Each exhibit will have a fun & interactive science presentation or experiment. Anyone can walk up to these exhibits at their own pace without reservations.
  • How do I find what labs and exhibits will be offered?
    A list of labs will be sent out via SignUpGenius a couple of weeks ahead. You can also pick up a map of all lab and exhibit locations at the check-in table at the event. This map will serve as a slam guide and a station passport. After 12 passport stamps are collected, your child can earn a prize from the check-in table.
  • Will there be food?
    Snacks and t-shirts will be available for sale at the event, with proceeds going to help fund future Science Slam activities! T-Shirts can also be purchased ahead of time on the WISE site.
  • How can I find more details?
    Visit our 🏠 Homepage!
  • How can I get more involved with Science Slam?
    To volunteer or join the committee reach out to We will have a few open committee spots for the next school year, so please reach out if interested! No experience needed!
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